Hard to believe it has been over a year since I last bothered to update this blog. Unsurprisingly, a lot of interesting stuff has happened since then. This post reviews some of it, in an effort to get me back into the mood for writing.

By far the most significant change has been the arrival of a.out: hard to believe it, but I’m now a proud father of one :)

The next most significant thing is work. Since February, I’ve been leading a remote team of developers. It’s a really demanding project, from both a technical and a project management perspective, and has taught me a lot. I hope to write more about it in the weeks to come.

Another cool thing that happened was lots of travel. Being a remote worker brings great freedom of movement - in between writing bits of code here and there, I:

  • indulged in more than one beer and schnitzel in Vienna;
  • swam in the warm summer waters of the Adriatic off the Croatian coast;
  • abused my right to say g’day in Sydney, where I grew up;
  • visited North America for the first time ever and then again, cause once wasn’t enough;
  • fell in love with Edinburgh’s Old Town;
  • pubcrawled in Dublin with an old friend; and
  • enjoyed the awesome summer weather in Moscow, where it all began 33 years ago.

I try to time my trips so they are also productive from a work perspective, so while doing all this globetrotting, I’ve also attended several conferences that have been awesome for self-development:

To end the post with some light entertainment, our band also managed to play two gigs last summer. Granted, we haven’t done anything worth mentioning since then, but not catching a single tomato in over one hour of stage time is still an achievement.

There, that’s an initial review of the last 12 months. Next time, I hope to write about something more work-related, and in greater detail. Stay tuned.