I’ve been recovering from a nasty cold that’s mostly gone. All that remains is an annoying cough. Last night, I coughed myself awake, but not completely - I was still partially asleep, in a world which only makes sense until you completely woke up. In real life, I just couldn’t stop coughing. Inside my dream, I was a computer program (more specifically, a Python script – what else could I ever be?), and that every time I coughed, an exception got thrown. This was obviously a bug, and I was ready to go to town on it. I got the stack trace, and was fully intent on solving the problem, but I just couldn’t work out (a) which program I am and (b) which line is causing me to cough, throwing the exception.

Eventually, I went back to sleep. Sometimes, I wonder if I spend too much time around Python code. Maybe it’s time to focus on another language.