The guys at reddit.com have fixed the issue.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m most impartial to reddit. Recently, they’ve introduced this really cool feature, which allows you to interact with reddit via a webcam. More specifically, you can upvote/downvote and open links by adopting a particular facial expression.

This new feature is called headdit. At this stage, I’m not sure if it’s an April Fool’s joke (they announced it on the 31st of March) or if it’s something they actually expect people to use.

Fry:Not Sure If Serious, or Just April Fools</img>

However, what I am sure of is that it interferes with the reddit toolbar, at least on some platforms, such as Chrome on OS/X. There’s already a bug report about it. I’m sure the reddit team will have that sorted out in no time. In the meanwhile, to ensure a smooth procrastinating experience, I’ve endeavored to create a Chrome extension that hides headdit from the reddit toolbar. It’s a simple bit of JavaScript that loads after the reddit page is loaded, finds the headdit component within the page DOM and removes it. As usual, the source is on github.

I’ve never made a Chrome extension before, and I was surprised by how easy it was. On top of writing the actual extension (which, in my case, was just a JavaScript file), all you have to do is write a simple manifest file and you’re done. Chrome has a “developer mode” for extensions which makes it quick and easy to run extensions without publishing them to the app store. Publishing the actual extension takes several minutes - I started writing this blog post right after publishing, and by the time I finished writing, the app was visible from the store.