I’ve moved the blog to a new server. It now lives on my very own personal domain. The old blog will still be available, but I won’t be writing there anymore.

For those that are interested, the new blog is hosted on GitHub Pages. The posts are written in simple markdown and stored in a git repository. Each time the repository is pushed, GitHub uses Jekyll to generate a static website from the posts. All this makes posts easy to write, edit and publish, and keeps everything under version control. You can see the source code for this blog here.

The migration from BlogSpot was relatively painless. Jekyll has migration recipes for a variety of existing providers. There are several alternatives for BlogSpot - this one worked for me. It keeps the posts as HTML, as opposed to markdown. This isn’t really a problem for Jekyll, since it handles HTML without any problems; it’s just a pain to edit HTML. Thanks, @ngauthier! Getting the LaTeX equations to display correctly was also relatively straightforward.

I also migrated my Russian-language blog to misha.penkov.id.au. Unfortunately, there was no LiveJournal importer for Jekyll, so I wrote my own.